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How do bookkeepers get clients

There are many different courses online that offer affordable training options. With her experience in B2B and E-commerce, Lisa is passionate about doing marketing research and delivering insights to the community.

How do bookkeepers get clients

You are opening doors to clients that are looking for exactly what you offer. Cold calling is a proven way that businesses have been working for quite long. While the internet might have revolutionized the way the B2B market works, the cold calling technique can still work. Onboarding is your next opportunity to build a great client relationship that will lead to future referrals and more business. You’ll see that if we show up for certain using Google Ads, and we showcase your Google Reviews and the fact that you’re local, you’ll start getting lots of excellent calls and leads. Besides the ability to put the google reviews on the ad , we can also show up in a highly prominent manner on the top, and use language that leverage your local business appeal.

Get Job Leads On Bark

If your business is in a growth mode, it’s the best time to hire a dedicated and reliable marketing coordinator who can help you drive your marketing activities. Marketing coordinators organize events, book appointments for client visits, do cold calling, line up speeches for the partners, and handle prospecting.

You want to share some information, benefits and the value that you offer, and way for potential clients to easily get in touch with you. There are many different ways to grow your freelance business, and it’s just as difficult deciding what marketing strategy to use.

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Some sites allow you to become part of an exclusive community of writers for a fee that you pay, and others, less frequently, will pay you to post your article. Start with the online version of your local newspaper, and then branch out from there. It’s also great for exposure for you when you’re attending an event such as an accounting conference. Most conferences assign a hashtag (such as #QBConnect for Intuit’s annual conference) that you can use in the post to connect with other attendees. If so, distributing it is an offline method to encourage people to visit you online. Your Google business listing will appear in search, especially if your business name or your name is entered.

For example, if you’re on the first page of Google for the above keyword, you’ll get 1000’s of hits to this single blog post each year. If you’re just starting your own cpa firm, you may not have any, but add some later when you do get them.

“I find Craigslist to be a powerful, free tool for finding clients. What has worked for me in the past has been to consistently post each day, and sometimes multiple times per day. In competitive categories, if your posting gets buried by your competitors’ postings, then they will get the business you are pursuing. Choose the method that you’re most comfortable with and that fits your goals (quick wins vs. long-term brand building etc.) and start there. Once you have that strategy working, you can decide if it’s time to add another or double down on what’s already working. With these strategies in your toolbox, it will be much easier to get new clients for your bookkeeping business.


However, when it comes to marketing your business and selling your accounting services, that might be a different story. You could also use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to post updates about your services every so often. Writing about the importance and benefits of bookkeeping services can help to draw in your ideal customers. If you are looking to work with local small businesses, then connect with a marketer that also works with local small businesses.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and third most popular website after Google and Facebook.
  • Clearly document what you need from a client by sending them a checklist of information to pass to your firm.
  • Build a network to find quality prospects and referral partners whom you can serve.
  • A nice one-two punch to help automate accounting and bookkeeping services is to use cloud software coupled with an expense management app.
  • is ideal for bookkeepers seeking full-time or part-time employment with a company.
  • She’s a nationally- known speaker, best-selling author, and authority on entrepreneurship, and for more than 30 years, she was the long-time Editorial Director of Entrepreneur magazine.
  • A business card is a must-have when it comes to networking.

It will all depend on how you manage and scale your business. Check out my ultimate list of my favorite 51 news resources for accountants and bookkeepersto get the latest news and trends.

Jumpstart Your Growth With 32 Free Accounting Workflow Templates

Here are some tactics for finding prospective clients that haven’t worked as well for the accounting pros we polled. Are you serving anyone and everyone who comes through the door, or do you have a specialized niche? Many accountants and bookkeepers struggle with generating leads and finding more clients. Fortunately, it’s a skill you can learn and one that will pay dividends for the life of your business. For example, if you handle tax accounting services, why not partner with a payroll service company?

How do bookkeepers get clients

We’ve created a whole program around the 7 Seven Secrets to help you design a business you’ll love and a plan to achieve it. If you’ve ever wanted to “pick the brain” of a master business coach, to find out how you can improve your business and start bringing in more clients and more income…now’s your chance. If you’ll be hiring staff for your business, find out how to onboard new bookkeepers with this webinar. Need to know how to hire the right bookkeepers, so you can expand your business? These questions will give you more insight into a bookkeeper’s dedication, passion, and work habits. Need more guidance on creating the vision for your bookkeeping business?

Tips I Used To Get High Retainer Bookkeeping Clients

When it boils down to it, the tactics don’t change too much by industry. There are many tried and true methods that work regardless of what field you’re in. Don’t use initial discomfort to avoid trying something new or a little bit daunting, like public speaking or networking . But do remain true to who you are and what your business is about. Accounting professionals who have found success as thought leaders stress the importance of sharing knowledge freely. Sharing your knowledge can be a great way to build your credibility and your brand. And the way people consume information on the web today makes it easier than ever to establish yourself as a thought leader.

  • The short answer is that you will need to service between clients each month in order to earn a $100k yearly salary.
  • This tool keeps me on track with my clients’ work and I can make sure things aren’t falling through the cracks.
  • Good lawyers, investment advisors, technology consultants and recruiters can help serve your clients.
  • I’d also be keen to know how you think accounting firms find the right niche.
  • It may be possible to get an attendee list in advance.
  • When done correctly, you will inevitably become an important part of another entrepreneur’s team.
  • Or if your firm has a specialty, you may be able to charge a premium.

If your business has a physical location getting listed on Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to get more clients. Once you’re listed your business may pop up for any local searches for your services. According to Moz’ Local Search Ranking Study, Google My Business listing is the #1 factor for local SEO success.

Bookkeeping Business Strategy Session

Very quickly on, I figured out that QuickBooks was the market leader and I wanted to develop a virtual bookkeeping business on that platform. But, over 10 years ago, QuickBooks Online was still very under-appreciated among bookkeepers. There wasn’t even any training or even a certification around the program.

How do bookkeepers get clients

With most Chambers of Commerce, your business gets a profile listing. Often Chamber members do business with other Chamber members when possible. Write and post articles on sites where your clients frequent. Instagram, owned by Facebook, is best used when you have visual content, which can mean text graphics for CPAs.

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This tool keeps me on track with my clients’ work and I can make sure things aren’t falling through the cracks. I love their recurring tasks and I also love how I can delegate tasks. Now, they are mostly people that are signing up for my training courses. How are you going to communicate with How do bookkeepers get clients your clients via email? But, I started to get crap from the people I networked with saying they didn’t think just a “” email is professional enough. Look in your email list management software for a button, or simply add a sentence that encourages people to forward your newsletter.

Give Away Your Time

It’s well-known that accountants win the majority of new clients through referrals. Better yet, these clients are likely to already trust you and make the onboarding process smoother.

While you don’t need to be everywhere all at once, you for sure need to have a professional website, preferably with glowing testimonials. In order to figure out how much you should charge, look at other bookkeepers that are working with your ideal clients and figure out how much they are charging. Unless you’re already a wiz with numbers, you’re going to need some training to become a bookkeeper.

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